How We Deliver High Voltage Parts Fast

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We previously looked at the need for speed in the delivery of high voltage parts and what to look for in a partner that can deliver quickly. In this post, we’ll look at how we actually execute fast deliveries for our clients.

Our warehouse in Edmonton, Alberta
Our warehouse in Edmonton, Alberta
  1. First, we have two large warehouses located in Western Canada–one in Vancouver and one in Edmonton. These physical locations give us large storage capacity to have the most common parts on hand when you need them–and so you don’t have to store them. (Bonus: this storage capacity also allows us to buy in bulk for savings that we can pass on to our customers.)
  2. Second, our  partnerships with manufacturers around the world allow us to quickly source even the rarest parts you may need–wherever they may be located.
  3. Third, our logistics expertise allows us to get the parts, from anywhere in the world, to wherever your job site may be. Our experts leverage all possible forms of transit, as well as strategic partnerships–airlines, trains, trucks, couriers–to find the fastest way to get the product directly to you, no matter how remote your location may be.

Here’s a couple of examples of our team in action:

Just last week we had a customer who needed a part—fast! With the part available at the factory in Spokane, we figured the fastest and most reliable way to get it to our customer would be to send a hot shot driver to go get it and deliver it directly. This allowed us to deliver the part to our customer in less than a day!

While Spokane is located here on the West Coast, we recently had a client who needed to get 26 skids (approximately 50,000 lbs) of product from Milan, Italy over to North America. Normally, if our customer had gone through standard channels, this delivery would have taken up to 30 to 40 days and would have been shipped as freight on boat. We were able to do this in record time–getting the 26 skids to their site in only 4 days. With the logistics experts on our team, we can always find a faster way!

Do you need high voltage power products…fast? Just give us a call when you need a part and we’ll arrange the logistics needed to get the part to your site, whether it’s from our warehouse or from a warehouse or factory on the other side of the world. Just tell us what you require and we’ll find a way. Contact us for more information.

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