Major Projects

Domino’s Major Projects division is a cradle-to-grave service that works with our clients' engineering, compliance, and construction teams; leading or assisting with all aspects from tender budgeting through to owner sign over.

Domino’s QA/QC team ensures the materials you order are compliant with the standards of the project, no matter which criteria are chosen by the end-user. These may be project-specific unique designs or follow the standards of the utility jurisdiction.

IFC Reviews

Often projects are delayed when a small but critical element is overlooked. Or the mating of products from different manufacturers is hampered because the interfaces may have different metrics or sizes. With our experience in numerous projects, our IFC reviews find many problems at the earliest stages and thus avoid critical delays once construction has begun.


With millions of pounds of material being shipped from the far reaches of the world, from various manufacturers, it is imperative to have a sophisticated delivery plan. Not only must hundreds of containers travel thousands of kilometres over the sea, they must overland often too remote and isolated locations. Our expediting team combined with our custom-developed logistics app ensures that your material arrives on time, at the correct location.

International Manufacturers

All manufacturers are limited in capacity by their current and forecast orders. With our worldwide array of manufacturers, we are able to orchestrate the appropriate allocation of purchases to various factories in order to facilitate timely deliveries.

Recent projects, previous and ongoing, undertaken by Domino and/or it’s wholly-owned subsidiaries include, but are not limited to:

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