Material Management System

How do you manage the material for a major high voltage project?

The success of a major construction project is directly related to the flow of material in and out of the job site. Although material costs are usually stable and predictable, costs can quickly escalate without a management system in place:

Introducing the Domino Highvoltage Supply Material Management System

You can remove the risks of inventory management.

Our Integrated Material Management System.



Issuing Purchase Orders to Vendors (with required approvals)


Receiving material to lay down site from Vendors with QA/QC

Structure Allocations

History of all material delivered

Material Tracking

You will know where everything is at any given time. Lay down yards & construction sites

Project Management

Numerous reports fed back to project managers will enable them to make or revise decisions promptly

Predictive Ordering

Where some of the materials are delivered during the entire project (i.e. foundations), change orders can be done to prevent over supply of specific items

Warranty Returns

Procedures to handle replacement parts for defective or damaged reasons provide immediate feedback to address with the manufacturer

Progress Billings & Cost Codes

Accurate records of material constructed will provide progress reports, and enable quicker billings for construction completed

Centralized Document Control

One place where hard copy documents related to a transaction can be quickly found for reference

Approval Systems

Issuance of Purchase Orders have to have appropriate necessary approvals before they are issued


In Material Receiving and Construction Completion

User Logging

System logs transactions, edits, and multiple functions based on specific users, allowing for oversight of the process