Logistics are critical to success in our business

Factors that come into play are:
Domino Network of Carriers

Domino has developed a network of carriers, LTL & FTL – regional & international, local, cross country, and international couriers that focus solely on ensuring that our deliveries are accurate and timely.

In an industry where timing is critical, Domino works with these partners to ensure expedient delivery to our customers.

Domino has our own fleet of delivery vans and flat decks to help reduce costs for pick up and delivery of materials and allow for off-hour deliveries in the case of emergencies.

Dedicated Logistics Team

Shipping charges have a major effect on the final cost of materials, and the decision by customers to purchase from Domino, our logistics team works hard to keep costs down. ​

The Best Rates

Domino ships large volumes of material every year. We negotiate hard for the best rates, and pass the savings on to you, the customer.

Comprehensive Insurance

Domino’s comprehensive insurance program through AON ensures every shipment is insured, whether inbound or outbound, anywhere in the world.