Tool Repairs

Onsite Tool Repair Technician

We are factory trained repair technicians for Greenlee, Burndy, and Reliable (manual, hydraulic) tools and battery pumps.

Strap / Chain Hoist - Inspection, Repair & Test

Kito, Hubbell, Little Mule, Capstan
Hook Int., Coffing, Lug All

Ground Leads/Sets - Manufacture, Inspect & Test

Custom build to any length
Stock Cable, Ferrules, Clamps

Hydraulic / Mechanical Repairs

Impact Wrenches
All hydraulic / battery presses / cutters
Manual presses / cutters
Y35, Y750, PAT750, PATCUT
Intensifiers / Pumps

Mechanical / Electrical Repairs

Pipe Benders
Knockout Punches
Ratchet Cutters
Strippers / Scorers

Press Repairing Rebuilding Refurbishing

We Deliver!

Free Equipment pickup & Delivery available. Geographical restrictions may apply.

Hydraulic Power Tool Repair