The Need for Speed in the Delivery of High Voltage Products

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With any complex, large-scale high-voltage project it’s key to be able to source and procure materials for your project as fast as possible. Waiting or delaying a project because the materials haven’t arrived can cut into your project bottom line and can have serious effects on its overall workflow. Partnering with a prompt, responsive and reliable procurement specialist is key to ensuring that you have the materials you need when you need them, and so in this post we’re going to run through the effects of tardiness on different industries that depend on high voltage parts.

For both public and private companies, the mandate is to keep power on, and any interruption can have serious effects on the economy and the public’s quality of life. As so much of the modern world depends on connectivity, ensuring reliable energy supply has never been more crucial to society than now. While these companies can often plan new transmission lines and maintenance projects well in advance, the need for speed can be seen with the recent ravages of the polar vortex that dealt a crushing blow to the infrastructure of the eastern seaboard of the United States. With weather patterns that are becoming more and more unpredictable, it’s crucial for utility companies to have a procurement partner who can respond and deliver parts swiftly in a crisis.

Telephone Companies and City Works Divisions
In an urban environment, telephone companies and city works divisions face much of the same pressures as utility companies in that the public’s ability to access basic services is dependent on their work. Prolonged loss of service, particularly in the public realm, can have serious ramifications for business relationships between local authorities and the service provider, and can have political ramifications as well.

Resource Industries
Resource companies, such as mining and oil-and-gas companies, build transmission lines so that they can have the power they require to extract valuable resources from the ground. A delay in power can delay these projects…which is not only expensive from an equipment and personnel standpoint, but from the delay in acquiring the resources. With that being said, extraction sites are commonly situated in remote regions far from a national energy grid. As such, the viability of these projects is dependent on a timely and accurate supply of high-voltage materials.

Power Line Contractors
Power line contractors must ensure that their procurement partner is reliable and above all, timely in delivering their orders. Delays will not only undermine the individual project’s success, but reflect poorly on the contractor themselves, potentially resulting in lost future contracts.

In each of these industries, a failure to receive products, such as supplies for transmission, substations and distribution OH/URD, in a timely manner can bring all the complex mechanization of the project to a swift halt. So, the next time you have a high voltage project you need parts for, make sure your procurement partner has the capacity to deliver quickly.

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