What are you doing? The first step in ordering high voltage parts.

what are you doing

As a distributor of high voltage parts, we take a lot of orders. If you’ve ordered from us before, you might have heard us first ask, “What are you doing?” It’s a simple question but an important one.

How does this question help you? Because of our many years of experience, we can look at your overall project and the application of the parts you are ordering and offer you possible solutions. This is important because we can offer you solutions you may not be considering–solutions with newer materials, that save money, and importantly, solutions that save time. As an example, in the electrical utility industry, speed is critical if a customer dealing with an unexpected event like a power outage. Sometimes a part is required and speed of delivery will ultimately decide whether the utility or contractor has addressed the issue appropriately or not. The worst case scenario is that a specialized part that is not readily available and that can takes months to order from the manufacturer is a culprit in the outage. By understanding your project and requirements, we can help suggest alternate solutions for getting your job done and your power flowing. We examine what you are doing and then come up with various ways of solving that problem with parts that can be readily available–and shipped to you fast!

At the end of the day, “What are you doing” ties back to what sets us apart from competitors: our focus on customer service as well as our knowledgeable staff.

Could you benefit from a new solution? Don’t hesitate to reach out to a Domino High Voltage representative today for advice on the best high voltage parts for your job. You can contact us at: 1-866-887-8617.

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