Domino Highvoltage Supply Inc. Attains Private Sector MRO – A Better Way to Supply

“I am proud to announce this major achievement for Domino’s PPM (Procurement & Project Management) Division.

The hard work and vision of our amazing people have made this milestone achievement a success,” declared Grant Lockhart, President, Domino Highvoltage Supply Inc. (LLC)
On October 9th, 2018, Domino Highvoltage Supply’s PPM Division achieved a successful milestone by negotiating a Canada-wide MRO supply contract with Valard Construction and its subsidiaries. This MRO marks a key turning point in the procurement and material management space in North America–now having global interest, the traditional Distributor market space has had to undergo a transformation.
Domino’s PPM & Quality Control division manages all of our MRO’s & global manufacturers for major projects, which allows Domino’s other divisions to leverage the groups buying power, with the savings and stock passing on to our clients. We anticipate other clients joining the PPM Div MRO program in the years to come, thereby increasing the overall savings and speed of delivery to our clients.
In conclusion, Grant Lockhart reflects on this remarkable change, “Thank you to all of our staff, our vendors and our clients, you are Domino.”
Contact: Scott Wallace 1-866-887-8617, Ext. 510 [email protected]
Contact: Peter Siemens 1-866-887-8617, Ext. 503 [email protected]

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