Domino Highvoltage Delivers to Valard’s Long Lake Project

Delivery bins and truck

The Long Lake hydroelectric project in northern British Columbia promises to be an important source of renewable energy in the region, and Domino Highvoltage is pleased to be involved in supplying important components to the project.

Welcome to Stewart

A joint operation by Valard, BC Hydro, local government, and the Nisga’a First Nations, the Long Lake project is located in north-western British Columbia, near the border with Alaska. It is built on Cascade Creek, which is just north of the district of Stewart. The coastal rainforest climate and hilly terrain make it an ideal location for generating hydroelectricity.

Town of Stewart

The Long Lake project is planned to be a thirty-one megawatt energy source, and when completed, it will connect to the British Columbian power grid via a new ten kilometre long transmission line. It will also boast impressive storage capacity, which will allow it to contribute upwards of one hundred and thirty-eight gigawatt hours per year to BC Hydro.

The project provides a green and renewable source of power, with few negative impacts on the local ecosystem. Hydroelectricity produces negligible greenhouse gas emissions compared with alternatives like coal, and it does not leave behind toxic waste material as does nuclear power. Long Lake is also designed to minimize flooding of the upper river, reducing its impact on the surrounding area.

In fact, Long Lake may actually improve water quality by helping to filter out toxic elements from previous mining operations.

Domino Highvoltage is contributing to this important power project by supplying vital electrical components that will allow Long Lake to operate at peak efficiency.

Here we see Domino’s components arriving at the Long Lake site in the scenic British Columbian wilderness. Domino uses a new and improved design of shipping containers that ensures safe transit even to remote locations.

High voltage delivery bins angle

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