Tips for Meeting the Power Needs of LNG Producers


In our previous post on industry trends in the utility supply chain sector we noted that factors such as globalization, integration and automation are having a tremendous impact on the nature of the business and how companies are interacting with their suppliers to source and receive the components they require.

We also identified how enhanced specialization, shortened product cycles and innovation were culminating to add high levels of complexity to the solution and options available in the utility sector. This had made the use of outsourced supply chain management organizations a vital consideration for companies that need to stay up to date with the most advanced products available on the market.

To this end we will be identifying some of the products of note within the private sector and electrical utilities market, to help our customers keep abreast of technical developments and the options they can avail of for their upcoming projects. This week we are going to introduce you to some key technology used to address the challenge of meeting power needs in the remote natural gas reserve sites that use hydraulic fracturing: namely, the skid-mounted or mobile substation.

Mobile substations, like the one pictured above from one or our manufacturing partners, ABB, allow utilities to get power installed and out to natural gas extractors much quicker than installing permanent power solutions. The speed at which new sites are being set-up, combined with the remoteness of the sites from the existing power grid is taxing the resources of the extraction companies, power generation companies and utilities alike. In many cases this forces the extraction companies to become utilities themselves. Whether used by the LNG producers, or the utilities that want to serve them, turnkey mobile substations should be on the list of potential solutions for this problem.

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