5 High Voltage Projects Making Waves Around the World

high voltage around the world

Transmission line projects are electrifying the economy all around the globe. Here are five high voltage transmission projects making waves around the world today:

1. Nepal-Indian Transmission Line Project Buoyed by $39M World Bank Funding

The Himalayans might be separating India from Nepal, but The International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank Group will help the climb of the Nepal-India Electricity Transmission and Trade Project (NIETTP) by providing US $39 million (Rs 4 billion).

On Wednesday September 11, 2013 Madhu Kumar Marasini, joint security of the Ministry of Finance and Tahseen Sayed, country manager of World Bank, signed the agreement for $37 million in loan assistance and $2 million in grants.

The transmission line project, which began construction in 2011 and had received $99 million from IDA will reduce power outages in Nepal. NIETTP will take steps towards brightening the energy deficient country by constructing 400 KV transmission lines across the border.

2.    First U.S. Underground High Voltage Transmission Line Proposed for New Mexico-Texas

US’s southern superstation, Tres Amigas, are working to make the first underground high-voltage line a reality. The proposed transmission project will connect New Mexico, Texas and the Southwest Power Pool to the Four Corners trading hub. The ultimate goal is to deliver low-priced power to high-priced area.

The New Mexico Express project will send 2,000 MW out of sight through underground high voltage DC line. Phillip Harris, Tres Amigas CEO believes the project’s safety, security and hazard reduction will garner public approval.

Due to its national implication, Tres Amigas are seeking federal finance to assist.

The current intention is to build the project in phases along already existing railroads and highways. The first phase will link Tres Amigas’ station in eastern New Mexico to Four Corner Hub approximately 400 miles away. From there the superstation will connect with the Western, Eastern and the Texas grid system.

3. AMSC to Connect South Africa’s Largest Wind Farm to Grid

AMSC’s D-VAR STATCOM will help South Africa feel a lot cooler as of the first half of 2014 when the system will be commissioned. The global provider serving the wind and power grid industry will unite with the country’s largest wind farm in an effort to ensure high quality power and stabilize the electricity grid.

Learning from other countries and regions, South Africa and AMSC are making certain that the new system meets the strict grid code requirements.

The product will provide a renewable energy solution that will assist power plants’ presence and prevent solar inverter and wind turbine generator tripping. The advance system will also supply voltage control, power factor correction and stabilize power grids to avoid events such as voltage collapse.

4.    CleanPower Connector to Bring Energy from Canada to U.S.

On September 12, 2013 Lake Erie Power Corp (LEPC) announced the potential solution to the growing demand of electricity in PJM grid. The underwater HVDC transmission project, also known as the Lake Erie CleanPower Connector will connect Ontario to Pennsylvania, fueling 13 states and the District of Columbia.

The project will not only strengthen the relationship between the North American neighbours, but also create 300 direct construction jobs and over 1,200 indirect jobs during the three-year period. With an estimated cost of $1 billion none of which from investors or taxpayers, the privately funded project is projected to end its commission in 2017.

LEPC are currently holding dialogue and seeking approval from local, state, federal agencies, environmental groups and local residence. The hope is to reach and agreement before 2015.

5.    ABB Taps into North Sea Wind with HVDC Connection

DolWin 1, the world’s highest-voltage offshore converter station is located in the North Sea off the coast of Germany.

“Putting such a huge platform in place is one of the most delicate operations in the delivery of an offshore transmission link, requiring strong cooperation between the many stakeholders involved” said Brice Koch, Head of ABB’s Power Systems division. “This is an important project milestone in the delivery of this HVDC offshore wind connection and we are pleased it went smoothly.”

ABB installed the 320 KV converter with a 800 MW power transmission capacity to alternate currents generated through three wind farms in Germany. DolWin 1 will circumvent 3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emission per year.

Efficient power source is a global endeavour and as the energy sector continues to grow, the public should anticipate a fully charged future. Increased demand for energy is only one of many factors driving innovation. Some of the brightest minds and largest power companies are leading more ambitious projects worldwide, seeking solutions for a familiar problem.

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