Welcome to the blog!


Welcome to the Domino Highvoltage blog!

On this blog we will cover everything from insights into our industry to customer best practices, as well as give you a chance to get to know our team a bit better. By following our blog regularly, you can expect to learn about topics relevant to the utilities industry, its materials in use, and procurement logistics for those materials. Some topics we cover, for instance, will be an explanation of turnkey stocking distribution and the ROI on keeping stock through a third-party.

We understand there are a lot complex pain points in the managing and keeping of stock for the utilities industry.  We will address those and help you find solutions.  If you are in the utilities industry working in a procurement, supply chain management, financial, or business analyst position, or are a senior administrator at one of these companies, you will get the most benefit from this blog. If you are interested in learning more about the dynamics of the utilities industry, there will be something for you too.

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