Turnkey Stocking Distribution Explained

turnkey stocking warehouse and supply chain

Turnkey stocking for the private sector and electrical utilities industry involves the rapid provision and delivery of critical components such as transformers, arresters, conductors, switchgear and transmission hardware to private sector and electrical utility companies or their partners, such as engineers and construction firms. In an industry where downtime must be kept to an absolute minimum, your turnkey stocking distributor is on-hand to deliver important solutions and materials when and where they are required.

Benefits of a turnkey stocking distributor include:

Single Point of Contact

Given the volume and variety of components used in power and electrical projects, it is not economically feasible for private sector and electrical utility companies to have parts readily on hand. Rather than develop a series of individual relationships with perhaps hundreds of suppliers, it is possible to just use the services of a single turnkey stocking distributor.

Supply Chain & Logistics

The stocking distributor will take responsibility for ensuring the necessary components are available at their warehouse locations, and that they have sufficient logistical assets at their disposal to deliver the products to the location where they are required, when they are called upon to do so. This allows the customer to focus on their core competencies rather than diverting resources to establishing and maintaining complex supply chains. After all, many private sector and electrical utility companies operate over a large geographical area and have a significant variance in customers they serve. The requirements of areas with heavy industries, such as remote resource extraction sites, to the demands of dense-populated residential areas vary greatly.

Rapid Response

The turnkey stocking distributor can also ensure that they have the components available to construct entire installations, such as substations, so that private sector and electrical utility companies can respond rapidly to market opportunities as they arise.

Discounted Pricing

Importantly, the turnkey stocking distributor can avail of discounted pricing from suppliers, using their purchasing power as a large-scale customer; discounts which can in turn be passed onto the companies which they service.

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