The Key Players in Your High Voltage Project

Engineer and power line

Any high-voltage project will have a variety of different players occupying critical positions in its smooth delivery. Understanding who these players are is key to navigating the sometimes confusing world of large-scale energy supply, and in this post we will introduce and detail these roles and show how they can help power producers bring a project to life.

The development of a high-voltage project is made up of three broad groups who all contribute at different stages to its realization. These groups are Engineering, Construction, and Procurement; collectively known as EPC. Together they design the project, source the materials required and build the installation to the required specifications. Each role could be carried out by three different companies or by one company which has all of these roles under one umbrella. Another alternative is using one of these companies as the lead (such as Procurement) who then locates and manages the other two types of suppliers (such as Engineering and Construction).

Engineers will be the ones who design the outline of the power line in detail, and the success of the project is hugely dependent on their work. As both the procurement and construction sections will be working off their specifications, it’s incredibly important that you hire a reputable and skilled organization that has a proven record of successful high voltage projects. As with all aspects of your EPC, it can be helpful to have Engineers who enjoy a good working relationship with the P and C components, as this will facilitate a more streamlined workflow.

In order to execute a high voltage project, the different components, parts and materials must be procured. Procurement can be one of the most difficult aspects of taking a project through to completion, as a high-voltage project involves an incredible amount of different specialized materials and components. This also involves an expertise in logistics, locating the suppliers and inventory (perhaps internationally), managing shipping and delivery, inspection of parts and managing timelines and schedules. Good negotiation skills and relationships are important in a procurement partner and can save significant budget for a large-scale high voltage project. Despite the challenges of procurement, a skilled procurement partner will be able to deftly handle even the most complex of projects.

Once a project has been designed by the engineers and the materials have been procured and delivered, it is time for construction. Putting the plans and the parts into action to build the transmission project. When it’s done, it might look something like this:
powerline constructed

Domino Highvoltage brings expert knowledge of turnkey distribution, coupled with established relationships with suppliers, engineering and construction firms to each of our customers. To find out how Domino Highvoltage can help develop your next high voltage project, call 1-866-887-8617 or contact us to discuss your needs with one of our representatives.


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