The Cooper Envirotran Transformer: More Than Meets the Eye

Cooper Envirotran Transformer

We like to help keep our private sector and electrical utility customers up to date on the options they have for electrical utility projects. This week we are going to introduce you to the Envirotran Transformer: a new transformer technology that can be used to address the challenge of meeting power needs in in regions that are prone to natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes or earthquakes. How is this transformer technology unique? It’s the first transformer to use an edible vegetable oil-based dielectric coolant.

The Envirotran transformer, from our manufacturing partner Cooper Industries, is the result of many years of research and development. The technology takes advantage of some of the beneficial properties of vegetable oil which makes the product more environmentally friendly, efficient and safer for use.

Environmental Benefits

Envirotran use their Envirotemp FR3 fluid as a dielectric coolant in their transformers. This coolant, which is derived from seeds, is a renewable natural resource. It is then formulated with performance-enhancing food-grade additives to produce a non-toxic and readily biodegradable insulating fluid. Due to the composition of the coolant it is not subject to regulation under the federal regulation of used oils; rather, it is covered by the Edible Oil Regulatory Reform Act, resulting in a less stringent set of regulations that must be adhered to.

High-Fire Point

The FR3 fluid also exhibits an exceptionally high fire point of 360°C, which is 200°C higher than that of conventional mineral oil. Therefore, rather than posing as a potential fire hazard, it is recognized as a fire safeguard under the National Electrical Safety Code.

Insulation Life

FR3 fluid has shown excellent responses to accelerated aging tests, and does not have any visible sludging. It has superior water absorption properties which allow it to draw out moisture and reduce insulation paper degradation. It also reduces heat damage to paper fibers, which leads to longer-lasting transformer paper and thus extends transformer insulation life.

Applicability to Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Due to the bio-degradable nature of the fluid used in the transformers, they can be situated in environmentally sensitive areas. The presence of a bio-degradable coolant fluid mean that in the event of damage to the transformer or leakage of fluid there will not be an associated negative impact on this surrounding area. This makes Envirotran transformers the ideal choice for installation in regions that are prone to natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes or earthquakes.

To find out more about Envirotran Transformers from Cooper Industries or to learn which transformer is the best fit for your business, contact us today.

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