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A Message to our Customers

During this time of uncertainty, we want to assure you that Domino is committed to supporting the collective efforts being taken around the world to reduce the spread of COVID-19. As an organization, we have taken the following steps to help protect the welfare of our staff, our customers, our vendors and the communities where we work:

1. Empowered our employees to work from home, where applicable;
2. Postponed all non-essential work travel;
3. Increased vigilance on physical distancing in the workplace;
4. Implemented safe-work procedures for our essential division employees and customers;
5. Provided support for employees who rely on public transit to find alternative transportation options.

We will continue to monitor the situation and ensure our business practices are consistent with the currently available information and guidelines provided nationally, provincially and locally.

We are working closely with our vendor-partners reinforcing business continuity protocols and as always, we remain committed to providing the highest level of service and responsivity. The current situation impacts all of our families and communities and we thank you for your continued support as we navigate these challenging times together.


Grant Lockhart, President, Domino AllPower

Welcome to Domino Highvoltage Supply

Domino supplies power-related products and services to a wide variety of industry sectors.
Based in Vancouver, B.C., we have built our reputation as a leading private turnkey distributor by being responsive to our customers’ needs—whether accessing supplies in a timely manner or offering new products that provide a better alternative for getting the job done.

Our Core Business: Transmission, Substations, Distribution OH/URD.






The Challenge

As our need for electrical energy grows, utilities struggle to meet this voracious demand. Public mega projects such as Site C in BC are only one answer. Alternative clean energy projects developed by the private sector are another solution - ones which can be implemented quickly and often with very low environmental impact.


If you’re a public or private utility trying to keep up with this demand, you’re probably aware that emerging trends in supply chain management are having a noticeable impact on your operations:

Due to improvements in communications, production and transportation, if you need a part for your high voltage project, the winning supplier in this market is whoever can deliver the highest quality, at the lowest cost and within the fastest timeframe—wherever they may be.

Shortened Product Cycles & Innovation:
Shifts toward alternate sources of energy have increased the variety of technologies and equipment a utility needs for the generation and distribution of energy, requiring complicated relationship management with all of these new suppliers.

Integration & Automation:
Manufacturing, distribution, delivery and payments are increasingly integrated and automated, providing quicker turn around and the capacity for rapid order filling. You could be sourcing everything you need for a project through one single contact.

Enhanced Specialization & Agility:
Specialized suppliers are enabling private sector and electrical utilities to move even more rapidly via logistical expertise. Whether it’s air, rail or road, there are expert delivery networks already in place for you to tap into.

Capitalizing on new distribution methods, sources of equipment, and technological improvements can result in tremendous opportunities for growth and evolution of the industry. Although, failure to keep up to date with the latest supplies and supply trends can result in loss of competitive advantage, and failure to secure new contracts or exploit new opportunities.

For more industry news and the latest happenings you need to know, don't forget to check out our blog.

Our Solution

Domino Highvoltage Supply Inc. has become a favoured supplier to both private sector developers and power line contractors due to our vast array of high quality products and our ability to deliver these products in a timely manner to bring these projects in on time and on budget.

These private projects include major new transmission corridors, power line upgrades, collectors for wind farms, access to run-of-the-river projects, connections to mines, ski resorts, oil & gas plants, as well as transmission line extensions. Whatever the demands are to get these projects built, we are there to deliver and meet the requirements.

During our tenure in business, we’ve developed three major assets that go beyond our large inventory base:

1. Experience
Years in the industry allow our team to present various solutions so an appropriate product can always be found. This ensures projects can proceed without unnecessary delays.

2. Partners
We stock many of the major brands in the industry and have secured agreements from manufacturers in Europe, Asia and North America, propelling Domino Highvoltage Supply Inc. into the Canadian leadership role of the industry.

3. Logistics
We use innovative web and inventory technology combined with superb personalized and technical service to deliver ingenious solutions for customers from all over the world.


With expansion plans to Ontario and Quebec in the works, and a new warehouse in Edmonton to service growing demand in the booming power line sector of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta – our great reputation does not end there. Now, engineering firms as far away as Texas, Illinois, South Carolina, Minnesota and Missouri look to Domino Highvoltage Supply Inc. to be their power line construction material partner.

To find out how your private sector and electrical utilities company, engineering or construction firm can benefit from rapid procurement and solution development for high voltage projects, call Domino Highvoltage at 1-866-887-8617 to set-up a meeting or discuss the opportunity further, or request a quote here.

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What's that called?